by Beach Parade

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released January 7, 2011

Keenan - Vocals, Bass
Greg - Drums, Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Caleb - Guitar

Recorded by Christopher Ploss.

Additional Vocals by:
Benn Bartishevich
Greg Gebhard
Bogme Elsbree
Jon Gernhart
Dorian Park



all rights reserved


Beach Parade Ithaca, New York

We are not a band anymore.. download these songs for free. Thanks for the good times.

New Bands we are in:
Del Paxton
Summer People

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Track Name: 67 Inches
Somebody told me that you're becoming a little bit less holy.
Half a decade is such a long wait.
I guess I should have been watching.
It's time to dirty up your brain after years of washing.
I'm just glad I could say it in a way that makes you think that maybe there still exists a place where blood runs thicker than faith.
They'll start by saying; "You're treading water in unsightly times."
They'll start to lay in.
You're treading water in unsightly times, or is that too much to think about?
Track Name: Trav at it!
Six shots and six steps on the front porch.
Let's start the evening right; with a swan dive.
Giving meaning to the job of the shopping mall rent-a-cop.
It's great to have you back, but I really think you should've left your mustache back in Michigan.
It's the perfect night to follow Lucy to the kitchen knife fight.
Ending in red and blue lights.
Tear your sleeves.
Punch some trees.
Tazer burns.
Blackened eyes.
Bloody knees.
It just wont be the same if you ever change.
It's so great to have you back again, but I really wish you would've left your mustache back in Michigan.
Track Name: Gene Wilderer
So come on in, take off some skin and rattle around in your bones.
When you need to strip it down, fill the room up with warm blood, I'll fill it with sound.
And when you need to throw some weight around bring yourself and I will share what I've found.
Get yourself up.
I will share what I've found so you can relive it.
When I come out of hibernation I don’t want to feel this hate.
Don’t want to feel this cold.
Buried to our necks in snow.
So to all of those whose positions remain opposed, the offer stands to come on in, take off some skin, and rattle around in your bones.
We forgot about your preference.
Besides, its time you find yourself another point of reference.
If it's any consolation, it was only a lie by omission.
Dear, I fear you got some bad information.
Alter your perception.
Take a lesson from the other side of the fence.
Mother, mother, I swear I'm gonna catch you at your weakest moment with both hands tied.
Besides, I think it's time that you find another point of reference because whatever eyes you look through now, they’re not working out.