Indoor Camping EP

by Beach Parade

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released January 1, 2010

Keenan - Vocals, Bass
Greg - Drums, Vocals
Pete - Guitar, Vocals
Caleb - Guitar

Recorded by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio.



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Beach Parade Ithaca, New York

We are not a band anymore.. download these songs for free. Thanks for the good times.

New Bands we are in:
Del Paxton
Summer People

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Track Name: Summer of Stamos
Make your way down to the corner.
I'll meet you on it and we can get back on it.
Can you remember the last time this felt genuine?
Just for the sake of company.
Am I bad company?
Reprimanded and left in the hands of law enforcement; stranded and searching for company.
Am I bad company?
Hey. It’s like I used to know you.
Wait. It’s like there’s something they owe you.
Hey. At least you're nice and see-through.
Seems like you let the west defeat you.
Remember how to wash your face in every lake when we go state to state, 'cause when you get back it's a long ride to be alright.
So pack up all your shit.
We’ll steal what we can fit 'cause when you get back it's a long ride to be alright.
We're alright.
Make me understand your new found fear of dirty hands.
For a couple of prodigals we were so good at making plans when we were all a bit less cynical.
We were so good at making plans.
Track Name: Two if it Tastes Good
Will you ever get tired of the same thing?
Will you ever grow tired of the wrong fear wrapped up in a mystery with it's revisionist history?
If you ever grow tired of the wrong fear you can leave it alone.
And you could see the whole thing coming.
Instead you chose to stand by.
You can lie to yourself, but I would bet this swallowed bicuspid and two black eyes you wont know how to lie like me.
I think I found the perfect remedy as far as the guilt goes.
When you separate yourself the whole world knows that if you can't find truth, find a lie you can live with and just leave it alone.
Nobody has it completely right so put your pity to rest sometime.
Take your own advice and just get on with it.
Take your time.
Your pace tells me you're stagnant.
Track Name: Save it for the Pavement
I said it was an accident.
I’ve traded all my money for some common sense.
It's like early retirement.
Either way, tomorrow there will be walls to fix.
So how about some entertainment for the neighbors 'cause prime time means I’m out of my mind?
You're all in for a show that you'd never expect, and I’m as high up the wall as I can get.
Let's keep this going 'cause we haven’t been absurd enough to sleep.
I’m giving back my inheritance.
I'll never see you as my eyeballs plummet to the curbside.
Taking it back.
I’m taking it back every time.
I’m giving back my inheritance.
It's never gonna' quit so you can only hope that the bastard goes back the way he came.
If there’s anything left to say, save it for the pavement because the monster knows your name.
Track Name: Albadilla Hot Pocket
When you first said that nowhere feels like home I really couldn’t fucking believe it, but now this time I really have come to believe it.
This time I'm taking your hand.
It's time we finally both felt home.
I can barely make myself cross town, but I swear I'll get this to you somehow.
It's never enough to say that you've heard enough from me.
You don’t want to be the last to know.
It's been said, "There’s no reason to regret keeping your head and your hopes up for something."
In the end, are you living for guarantee or do you roll with the gamble?
Let's gamble.
I can finally say I like where this is going.
We live to remember the moments we love.
We live to be reminded of the reasons we love.
We live to keep it moving for the ones that we love.